About the Hervey Foundation Group Mentoring Project

  • Girls and mentor having tea
  • Three happy boys
  • Boys racing bottle cars
  • Circle of youth with mentors

Our Mission


To help youth:

  • Establish positive relationships with their families and in their community.
  • Encourage them to set positive goals.
  • Explore educational and cultural opportunities.

About the Hervey Foundation


“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”- Mother Teresa


Core Programs

Individual Mentoring Program

  • School Based Mentoring Program
  • Saturday Group Mentoring Program
  • Educational & Cultural Activities Program
  • Support Services
  • Family’s Finances

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CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT—The Hervey Foundation respects the privacy of the families and of the children it serves. Unless otherwise required by law, information is shared with outside sources ONLY with written permission from the parent or guardian.